Auto accidents are all around us! According to nsc.org, in 2019 the United States had an estimated 38,800 people lose their lives in auto accidents alone. If we break that down, that averages to almost 4.5 deaths an hour. 

Most of these auto accidents were caused by DUIs, distracted driving, while some were just simply the results of reckless driving. Drug and alcohol-impaired drivers cause the most auto accidents than any other driver. Distracted driving causes 3,000 deaths and 421,000 injuries annually while DUIs cause around 10,000 deaths. Although your chances of dying in an auto accident is only 1 out of 103 (according to the New York Times), the danger is out there.

What to do?

The National Safety Council recommends the practice of defensive driving for starters.  Defensive driving is basically a set of driving strategies and skills that you would use to help avoid  being involved in an auto accident. Some examples include paying attention to your surroundings (put that phone down!), giving other vehicles plenty of space (think 3 second rule), keeping your speed at the posted speed limit, keeping an escape route in mind, and others.

The NSC also recommends plenty of rest and sleep to avoid fatigue while driving. This means one should pay special attention in the evenings and nights while driving since that’s the time when most drivers are winding their body down for the day. Drive attentively during this time frame and make sure that you are well rested and alert. And don’t forget to always buckle up!

The good news is that the rate of auto accidents has decreased each year. 2019 auto accidents went down about 2% from 2018 and 2018 saw a decline of 4% over the 2017 figures. 2020 will likely also see another decline in auto accident death rates. Qz.com states that the coronavirus pandemic has significantly reduced the number of car accidents thus resulting in fewer casualties and injuries because fewer people are on the road due to the stay at home order.

If you’ve found yourself in an auto accident in, or around, Gresham OR call us immediately. Our attorneys will help you navigate the legal matters surrounding the auto accident, while fighting for the compensation you deserve. We’ll take on the fight for the compensation while you spend time on yourself. We stay committed to your case so you can concentrate on healing.

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