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Motorcycle Accidents

Logically, the percentage of people who sustain serious injuries in a motorcycle accident is significantly greater than the percentage associated with car accidents; the rider’s body is exposed to impact with the other vehicle involved in the crash, the ground, etc. Still, motorcycles are quite popular even in rainy Oregon. As of 2009, there were 131,204 registered motorcycles in the State of Oregon, and more than 235,000 Oregonians had motorcycle endorsements on their drivers licenses.

There is also data regarding motorcycle accidents that occur in here in Oregon. According to data compiled by Oregon ODOT, during the years 2010 through 2014, there were an average of 994 motorcycle accidents in Oregon each of those years. Per the same data source, on average 989 motorcycle riders were injured in motorcycle accidents that occurred in Oregon in each of those same years, and there was also an average of 40 motorcycle rider deaths in each of those same years.

Interestingly, speed was a factor in a majority of these motorcycle crashes; in fact the majority of motorcycle accidents that occur in Oregon are single­ vehicle crashes. Consumption of alcohol appears to be even more of a factor in motorcycle crashes than it is in car accidents; for example, in 2008 alcohol was involved in 35.6 percent of the motorcycle rider fatalities that occurred in Oregon that year. And, studies generated by federal agencies confirm that helmet use is a major factor in the nature and extent of injuries sustained by motorcycle riders involved in crashes.

TIPS: Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) coverage is NOT mandatory for motorcycles insured here in Oregon. However, that coverage is available and we STRONGLY recommend that you purchase PIP coverage for your motorcycle. In Washington, a motorcycle owner is not required to carry ANY insurance coverage. Having said that, as with Oregon riders, our firm STRONGLY recommends that Washington motorcycle owners purchase PIP (and other) coverages.

Given this data that confirms the nature and extent of injury and losses that flow from being involved in a motorcycle accident, you’ll want to retain a firm with the experience required to: competently and timely investigate the crash facts; preserve all available evidence: handle all of the insurance­ related aspects of the claim: and obtain fair compensation for you once your medical care is complete. At Phillip C. Gilbert & Associates our attorneys have decades of experience doing just that.  Call 503-465-9600 for your free consultation today.

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